In addition to your calculator, what is the most powerful tool to take to your SAT?


In addition to your calculator, the MOST POWERFUL TOOL to take to your SAT Exam Score is = Dr. Jay’s SAT Shortcut Strategy. It is the SECRET WEAPON the College Board and Khan Academy will never tell. They will never tell you about the patterns hidden in the SAT that give you instant shortcuts to the correct answer.

Like your calculator, you can immediately use Dr. Jay’s Shortcut Strategy to answer more questions and add up to 200 points to your SAT score — without studying.

All you have to do to up your SAT Exam Score fast is:

#1. Snap up the simple patterns in any practice test from the College Board.

#2. Use the patterns to shortcut the process of answering SAT questions throughout the test.

#3. Count up all the correct answers you collect!

Go to your actual SAT armed with Dr. Jay’s Shortcut Strategy to give yourself the very best chance to reach your highest possible SAT score. JOIN HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS who have thanked Dr. Jay for showing them patterns in SAT EXAM questions that give them instant shortcuts to the answers.

DR JaySAT 2-Second Shortcuts E-book



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